How can food teach us about what it means to belong?

You know that moment when a smell “takes you home”, transports you back in time and memory to a place, a moment, a feeling, or something you can’t quite name but yet remains familiar to you. Or when a taste ignites your entire body with a sense that you belong here, now, in this moment, eating this food. Perhaps you also know what it is to remember the nourishment you once had but is no longer available to you – a recipe that’s not quite the same, a different approach to a dish with the same name, or the challenge of finding food – any food – on a consistent basis, or at all. How does food shape – or interrupt – a sense of belonging?

Explore these questions and enjoy the wonder of the community classroom at this year’s Burnaby Festival of Learning, where people throughout Burnaby have put together learning opportunities about food and belonging for you to experience.

Food events (A-Z)