Now that the Festival is in its sixth year, we have solidified a vision and values statement to keep us on course and to bring us into deeper service to the community. 


The Burnaby Festival of Learning presents inspiring opportunities for Burnaby residents to connect, co-create, and celebrate diverse forms of learning. Through vibrant and thought-provoking curated and community-led events, the Festival enables attendees to learn with each other and with local experts.


Lifelong learning: we honour and respect the value of lived experience and traditional expertise and we endeavor to foster diverse and innovative forms of community-based education that enriches the lives of Burnaby residents.

Relationship, authenticity and meaningful connection: we believe that genuine, healthy relationships are the foundation upon which we can connect, collaborate, share, and deliver socially, environmentally and culturally relevant discoveries.

Equity, diversity and inclusion: we are committed to championing equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout Festival planning, development, programming and implementation.

Sustainability and transformational change: we strive to affect change, to address critical societal issues, and contribute to the public good through community capacity building and sustainable practice.

Partnerships: we value the continued and evolving partnerships that bring the festival depth and diversity. 


Connection: We endeavour to connect those doing the good work in Burnaby with all those who are curious. We have set the stage for residents, non-profits, community associations, small and large businesses, researchers, thought-leaders, students, entrepreneurs and more, to come forward and present their work in creative ways.

Capacity Building: We invite attendees to join, play, question, and explore events that will ultimately build capacity for the City of Burnaby. The Festival will invite visitors and residents to enjoy Burnaby’s rich variety of cultural, natural and city spaces.The Festival is a fun-filled opportunity to learn about the exciting initiatives and innovative directions the City of Burnaby is actively involved in.