Festival Director – Tara Flynn

Digital Event Assistant – Cierra Johal


Producing a festival is a team effort! We cannot do this without the support and commitment of the following community members. Thank you!

Planning Committee:

Chair: Bettina Cenerelli (Faculty Arts & Social Sciences, SFU)

Ana Maria Bustamante (Burnaby Intercultural Planning Table), Andrea Lam (Burnaby Public Library), Angela Boal (City of Burnaby, Marketing), Carol-Ann Flanagan (Society to End Homelessness), Cynthia Henson (SFU Faculty of Science), Deirdre Grace (BCIT Library), Evelyn McGowan (Burnaby Youth Hub), Francis Santos (City of Burnaby, Marketing), Heidi Schiller (Burnaby Public Library), Jessie Williams (Faculty Arts & Social Sciences, SFU), Kevin Brandt (Burnaby School District), Liliane De Oliveira (Burnaby School District), Simone Brandl (Burnaby Neighbourhood House), Tara Flynn (Office of Community Engagement, SFU)  

Special Advisors to the Program:

Heather McCain (QMUNITY & Chronically Queer), Rebekah Mahaffey (City of Burnaby, Social Planning)

Program Adjudicators: 

Tara Flynn (Office of Community Engagement, SFU)



If you’d like to get involved in committee work, get in touch here