Apply to host an event at the 2024 Burnaby Festival of Learning!

  1. First, read the guidelines here.
  2. Then fill out the form below. Submissions are evaluated as we receive them.
  3. If we think your idea is a great fit for the 2024 festival, we will contact you directly by email.

If your application is successful, you may receive up to $1,500 to help make your event happen 🙂

    Please describe your idea and how it fits into the concept of BELONGING. The four possible themes in which to explore belonging are HOME, FOOD, CLIMATE & RECONCILIATION. Your event can explore multiple themes if they interconnect in a meaningful way. For example, Home & Reconciliation could be explored together; or Food & Climate & Home etc.

    If you have partners you already work with, or if you have ideas about who you would like to work with on this initiative, please list them here. We will do our best to connect folks and facilitate partnerships.

    If your event is in person, is there accommodation for multiple abilities to participate? For example, if your event includes a walk, is there access for a person who uses a wheelchair? 

    Please submit a (very) simple, proposed budget for your event. This can be a few lines containing the major items you will need to make the event 'go'. Some items to include are: your time, any materials necessary for the event, transport of elders, gear rentals (microphones, PA systems). We do not consider snacks for attendees (unless it is specific to the learning event), marketing materials, items that will be used for other festivals or events (like banners), or venue rentals (The City of Burnaby provides community space).