What conversation do you want to start?

The 2020 program streams were identified by our Advisory Committee in October 2019. They are intended to provide a lot of room for exploring and playing with ideas, so please get creative.

We are keen to incorporate all forms of learning design and presentation formats, including but not limited to: workshops; dance recitals/lessons/performances; musical instruction/performance; visual art representations, such as sculpture, painting; networking events; galas; panels; poetry readings; films; theatre performances; displays; roundtables; tours; keynote speakers; interactive arts; crafting; town halls; virtual performances; AR/VR; nature walks; feasts; etc.

Check out the possible topics and event ideas you might explore, below. Have a different idea? Awesome – get creative and let us know!


  • Explore Indigenous language revitalization and reconciliation.
  • What is the connection between music and language development? 
  • Does having an accent change perception? How?
  • Put on a poetry writing workshop.
  • State a theatre production focusing on Indigenous language development.

Health, wellness, and food

  • Explore gender diversity and healthy family structure.
  • Offer cooking classes for those on a tight budget and who want to eat well.
  • Lead a community garden tour.
  • Organize a nature walk featuring traditional plant use from an Indigenous perspective
  • What makes a healthy, productive workplace?
  • Host a community long-table event.


  • Build awareness for Traditional Ecological Knowledge.
  • Can we have healthy happy people and pipelines? 
  • Organize a green building tour.
  • What is sustainable energy management?
  • Do a showcase on advances in tech and green energy.
  • How do we pivot to a circular economy?

Civic engagement

  • What makes a livable City? 
  • What does it mean to be engaged and inclusive? 
  • What is a Smart City and what does that mean for privacy rights? 
  • Who supports social enterprise in Burnaby and what are the benefits for all?
  • What does reconciliation look like? 

Stoked? We are, too!

Download the event idea submission guidelines, then fill out the short application form, and maybe you’ll be presenting at the 2020 Burnaby Festival of Learning!