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Life on the Front Lawn

May 11 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am
A workshop that shows the effects our lawns can have on human behaviour and how the lawn you choose can impact different species!

Online Event:

How has the evolution, role and neighbourhood regulation of lawns in urban and suburban communities informed our ideas about home? Following an analysis of the ways lawns can affect human behaviour, participants will explore the ways in which the choice of a lawn impacts other species. Attendees will be introduced to the Rights of Nature and to movements that promote this ecological philosophy.

This workshop is presented by SFU FASS in the Class.


Kate Elliott is an Interdisciplinary PhD student at SFU. Her past research has examined working lives of informal recyclers, cemeteries as public green space, and community engagement. Currently, Kate is tracking the life stories of shopping carts in urban spaces. A former instructor for SFU’s Continuing Studies (“Urban Dirt”) and FASS Forward (“Write-Minded”), she has worked as a public health researcher, translator, and cemetery assistant. Kate holds degrees from SFU (M.Urb), the University of Ottawa (B.Ed), and UBC (BA).

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