A festival is born

The Burnaby Festival of Learning is a co-creation of Simon Fraser University and the City of Burnaby. In 2015, The spark was ignited by an interactive, grassroots community-based festival in Cork, Ireland. SFU attendees to the Cork Festival of Learning loved the idea of bringing SFU “down from the mountain” to share and work alongside community members and those doing community-based research. A conversation with the City of Burnaby sealed the deal, and a new festival was born in 2016.

A photo from the inaugural year of the Burnaby Festival of Learning.
An image of four people dressed in shades of purple with arms around each other in community.

The festival is hosted by the community, for the community.

Since 2016, the festival has continued to grow, involving an increasing number of organizations inside and outside Burnaby. Each year, new partnerships and collaborations emerge that diversify the program, allowing its partners to reach more and more community members.